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I have zero experience …

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We help you to build your e-commerce website and sell online successfully.

Start —

your online business

Build your brand. You want customers to remember your brand, not the marketplace’s brand. Also, selling online has a lower startup cost, as compared to running a physical retail store. 

Manage —


Use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, payments anywhere you go. Gain the insights and knowledge you need to grow. See a screenshot of Order Management here. See a screenshot of Product Management here.

Sell —


Grow your customer base. Your e-commerce website integrates with Facebook and Instagram. Sell to anyone, anywhere. You can also grow and manage your resellers using the membership features. See a facebook store.

Market —

your business

Win your customers’ hearts through data on your website. Use our built-in marketing tools to help you create, execute and analyze campaigns on Facebook and Google. Use our promotional features to convert new customers to returning customers. See a screenshot of Marketing tool here. See a screenshot of SHOPLYTICS here. See a screenshot of Google Analytics here. See a screenshot of Customer Management here.

Reward —

your customers

Built-in customer relationship management tools such as membership tiers, store credits, coupons, promotions etc. SHOPLINE provides a dynamic membership tiering system, so your customers become members quickly either via Email or Facebook login. According to different levels of loyalty, you can set up specific discounts based on their level of spending, such as store credits, birthday gifts, to attract them to return to your store and buy more. See example of in-store promotions here. See example of affiliate marketing programme here.




I can finally own a webstore at an affordable price!


I have no knowledge about ecommerce. SHOPLINE provided hands-on workshops to help me build up my store!


I can finally keep track of my customer database in a more effective way! My GMV hit 4 digits in the first month with SHOPLINE.



SHOPLINE gave us the tools to be successful online. It is so easy and rewarding.


Having a physical outlet limits the reach to customers.


Our loyal customers find it much easier to find us online. They even recommend us to other business owners.



SHOPLINE gave me the confidence to run my first online business.


Brand awareness was difficult as we didn’t have a brick-and-mortar store. Nobody knew us in the beginning.


Melix is growing fast and I am happy that I have SHOPLINE to help me with the online side of the business.

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I can’t build my own website, it’s too much of a hassle, can your team build for me?

Yes! SHOPLINE e-commerce consultants can help you build your website structure, to include key elements that convert web visitors to customers. It includes a homepage, up to 20 products, default payment and delivery options. Click here to find out more!

I need someone to help me write content about my business and products…

We hear you. Don’t worry, you are one of the many merchants with such need and our e-commerce Consultants will provide you with Value-Added Services. 

I have a website. Can I move it over to SHOPLINE?

YES! We can copy your content over from your first website to SHOPLINE. WhatsApp us to learn more.


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