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5. Final Step Before Launching Your Website!

  • Digital Marketing—Do you need to build awareness of your website? Advertise on Facebook?
  • Logistics—Do you want to use Ninjavan to deliver your products? 
  • Payment gateway—Do you want to use Stripe to collect money via credit card / debit card?
  • Custom Domain—Do you prefer / .my for your domain? 

What Should I Send to the Client Success Team?

Well, if we want to build your website, we are going to need your website content. Your best selling products, your best pictures, your social media accounts… Without all these materials, we wouldn’t be able to perform Magic on your website! Do share these…

Your best selling products and price list! i.e: Photos and videos.

Testimonials, customers’ reviews or event photos. 

Your Business Social Media Pages

i.e: Facebook, Instagram, Blogs

Payment methods & Delivery options. i.e: Online transfer, Razer

Send to us via our WhatsApp group or email to and

What If My Business Needs More Support From SHOPLINE?

No worries! SHOPLINE Value-Added Services come to the rescue!

What If I Have More Questions? Who Do I Reach Out To?

You can always reach out to us in 3 Simple Steps! Our Client Success Team will reach out to you shortly to resolve your questions!

Step 1

Log in to Your Shop Admin Panel

Step 2

Click on the “Online Chatbot” button

Step 3

Start a Conversation with our Client Success Team! 

If you are still unsure, chat with our consultants by clicking the Chat button now.


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